Accepting new enrollments!

The POPS Youth Empowerment Program was designed and tailored specifically for teen males. It is a weekly program that focuses on the areas of education, careers, finances, relationships, health, and life skills, with a written plan. This makes up the basic foundation of knowledge, transitioning teen males into young adults.

17 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The mission of the program is to connect teens to their career goals, and the vision is to improve the lives of kids, families, and the community. We do this by taking field trips and partnering with local colleges/ universities, Vo-technical schools, businesses, community organizations, and community leaders.

Although the program is free, there will be a small investment of $20.00 for books and materials. This is an investment worthwhile.

So, let’s support and encourage our young men to be what they were called to be, above average students, community leaders, effective heads of households, loving husbands, and active fathers.